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The Team

My name is Kumar Team


Renee (Director) 

Leaving India after 6 months was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. I not only missed the country, scenery, smells, culture and food, most of all I missed the children. Soon I realised that India had become my second home and these children were part of my family. What do you do when you hear they have to live on the streets again, where it's dangerous, there's no food and they can't go to school? You fight like they are your own children. Forgetting these children is something I cannot do. 

Renee is Co-founder of My Name is Kumar. She splits her time between Massachusetts, Europe and India. Email Renee via


Tim (Secretary)  

Everyone knows them: moments you didn't expect that change your life forever. Spending 6 months in India was never on my roadmap, yet it happened and there was no way back. Every single child we've got to know through this project is unique and full of energy and they all deserve a positive change. Now we're aware, it's our responsibility to make sure they get this fair shot to make their life the absolute best it can be. Describing the smile on their face when going to school for the first time goes way beyond 'worth every single minute of my time'.

Tim is Co-founder of My Name is Kumar and splits his time between Europe, the USA and India. Get in touch with Tim via


Alyce  (Community Manager)  

I visited the children in India for the first time in May 2016 and had one of the best months of my life – never have I left a place being so certain that I would come back. Teaching a yoga class to a group of funny, enthusiastic kids is the best possible way to start the day!

Previously, I worked as a project manager and producer for a creative communications agency, which worked with social enterprises and charities to help them tell their story. I am also a trained yoga teacher. I am responsible for the My Name is Kumar community, whether that be the monthly newsletters, social media, website or our blog.

Alyce will be in India until November 2017, the rest of the time you can find her at her home in the UK. Reach out to Alyce via 


Henry  (Fundraising Campaigns Manager)

I cycled 1400 kilometres across Europe to raise money for My Name is Kumar before visiting the community in May 2016. It’s fair to say that a month with the kids was more exhausting than 2 weeks on a bike, but I loved the experience and now have an Indian family for life!

Having worked in fundraising for one of the UK’s biggest charities for the past 5 years, I joined My Name is Kumar to concentrate on raising more funds for the kids and community. 

Henry will be in India until September 2017, the rest of the time you can find him at home in the UK. You can contact Henry on


Velina  (Social Impact Manager)

During my several personal and professional visits to India, its people and culture captivated me and I wanted to dedicate some of my spare time towards solving a local issue.

I did not hesitate long: My Name is Kumar, an initiative built from the ground up with lots of passion and solidarity from around the world was an easy pick!

I am in charge of the Impact measurement, with the main objective of evidencing the social change we create in the life of this community. It helps adapting our activities, staying focused on our mission and proving to you that every bit of your help is worth it. 

Velina is based in London and you can get in touch with her via


CARE Foundation Board 


Peter (Founder)

Peter Dhanapal founded CARE Foundation back in 2009 after a career in business. Peter has an incredible knowledge of the Londor community and specialises in working with families from a begging background. Peter began CARE Foundation working with just a handful of children but as news of his work spread, more and more people got in touch with requests for help and the impact expanded. Peter is always fighting for ways to help even more children. 


Leciya (Social worker) 

Leciya, a former student of CARE Foundation, finished her Master in Social Work in 2013. After living and working for so many years with CARE Foundation she has an unbeatable knowledge of the organisation, the Londor community and the children. Leciya is often guilty of being the one to start the epic water fight battles. 


Sarala (Treasurer) 

Sarala, a former student of CARE Foundation, studied Engineering to Masters level – her results placed her in the top 50 students state-wide in Tamil Nadu. She is responsible for the finance and monthly reporting between My Name is Kumar and CARE Foundation. Sarala is an expert haggler and almost single-handedly responsible for cutting our grocery bills!