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Child education

Child education

Our child education initiative has been running since we first began in 2013, back then we started supporting the education of 37 of the most at-risk children from the Londor community. Today, we send over 80 children to school each day.

Who are the children of Londor?

The children we support are usually of ‘school-age’, between 5 and 16, born into the Londor community in Southern India. Typically, from a tiny age they will have accompanied their mothers and fathers to the temple to beg. From about the age of 5 – once the child has grown too old to be used as a prop for begging - they spend their days within the community, grow bored and receive no education. Once they reach their early teens it is very likely they will be pushed into marriage by their parents or the village elders.

Why do we support these children?

Without our support these children would continue to live in appalling poverty. They would never learn to read or write, would continue to live isolated from the rest of society and they would most likely marry and give birth to their own children before they turn 18. We believe that armed with a good education and given a loving, safe environment, these children can grow up to experience a life beyond begging and break the cycle of poverty they were born into.

What do we offer these children?

  • A place at a local school within reasonable travelling distance of their village or the My Name is Kumar home

  • School uniform, school bag, sports kit and other equipment such as books and pencils

  • Daily private transport from their home to the school gate and back again at the end of the day

  • Individual support with school trips and extracurricular activities

  • Food and snacks

  • After school support with homework

For over half of the children whose education we support a place at school is not enough. For these children we also provide a safe and loving environment for them to live in too. These kids live in the My Name is Kumar and CARE Foundation home. They are looked after around the clock by our great team of care takers, social workers, cooks, cleaners and drivers. We help them learn things such as how to wash their own clothes, brush their teeth and play with each other. We also make sure they get three nutritious meals a day. Oh, and they have chores too!

How do we do this?

We have a great team in India who work tirelessly to look after all the children and see them to school each day. This team is employed by CARE Foundation, our partners in India who we have been working alongside since we began.

Together with CARE Foundation we have built a strong and trusting relationship with the community of Londor and work with them to identify the children who most need our support. We also encourage the parents to be involved in their child’s education as much as possible.

Additionally, we have great links with local schools and teachers.

All this is made possible by the ongoing support of our regular child sponsors. These generous individuals directly fund the welfare of the children on our programme. And for only £15, €15 or $20 a month you can join them in changing the lives of these children.