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Board members

My name is Kumar board

We all work on a voluntary base and don't receive any salary from My name is Kumar. All flight tickets are booked personally and not paid by My name is Kumar. 


Renee (Director) 

Leaving India after 6 months was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. I didn't only miss the country, scenery, smell, culture and food, but most of all I missed the 37 children. Soon I realised that India had become my second home and these children became part of my family. What do you do if you hear they have to live on the streets again, where it is dangerous, they don't have any food and can't go to school any more. You fight like they are your own children, because forgetting these children is something I can't. Renee is co-founder of the organisation and you will find her at least 4 months a year in India. 




Tim (Secretary)  

Everyone knows them: moments you didn't expect that change your life forever. Spending 6 months in India was never on my roadmap, yet it happened and there was no way back. Every single child we've got to know through this project is unique and full of energy. They deserve an honest change and it's beyond frustrating their parents couldn't care less. Now we're aware, it's our responsibility to make sure they get this fair shot to make their life the absolute best it can be. Describing the smile on their face when going to school for the first time goes way beyond 'worth every single minute of my time'. Tim is one of the co-founders and is since day one a part of the organisation. 


CARE Foundation Board 


Peter (Founder)

Peter Dhanapal an amazing social worker and founder of the CARE Foundation. He is helping begging children and students from very poor families in need since 2009. Peter is an amazing counselor  and has specialisation is working with families with a begging background. He knows exactly how to rehabilitate the children and the parents. 


Leciya (Social worker) 

Leciya a former student of the CARE Foundation finished her Master in Social Work in 2013. After living and working so many years with CARE she became a social worker at the CARE Foundation. 




Sarala (Treasure) 

Sarala a young powerful lady and at the moment finishing her Master in Engineering. She became part of the Care-family in 2008. Sarala is responsible for the finance. Monthly she has  to report the financial condition of the organisation.