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An update on Sivaranjani’s operation

Renee Schreurs

A couple of month’s ago we organised an appeal to raise funds for one our girls, Sivaranjani, so that she could get an operation that will safe her a lifetime of pain and disability.

Sivaranjani was born with scoliosis and the operation we seek is to correct the curvature of her spine to prevent it crushing her organs and eventually crippling her.

We have a top class surgeon in India willing to forgo his fee to do this operation but we still needed to raise approximately $10,000 for the cost of the operation and care (medicines, nurses, physiotherapy etc.). So far we’ve raised nearly $8,000 of our total, thanks to some brilliant supporters – but we still need to raise another $2,000.

In addition to this we’ve been negotiating with Sivaranjani’s school for a period of leave of one month. Despite concerns about the impact that this might have on her education, they have been willing to grant this period of absence for this coming January. January proves to be the best time of year for Sivaranjani to have the operation as a 2.5 week school break and Pongal festivities means that she won’t miss too much school.

This week Renee has been in India and is meeting both with Sivaranjani’s school and with the doctor to make a plan for how things will continue. We will update you all with how things progress as soon as we are able.

In the meantime, if you would like to donate to Sivaranjani’s operation fund then contact Renee,