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What it means to sponsor a child with My Name is Kumar

Renee Schreurs

We have been child sponsors since the beginning of MNiK. We support Sakthivel and Nandini, brother and sister who live together in the MNiK home. For us it's just a small amount each month, but for them it can mean a different world. It's very important to us that children have the opportunity for a better future. What are obviously important to us (a loving home, food, education) are not always available for these children until they join My Name is Kumar. 

We love receiving the updates about ‘’our sponsor children’. It's great to read about all the friends they've made, that they both enjoying going to school and that they have great class results. In 2015 we had the opportunity to visit them in person at the MNiK home and it really couldn't have been a better trip. 

It was wonderful to meet them both and to play with them, eat and have fun. How great it is that kids are so happy when you bring a big bag of balloons! 

We are pleased that we can offer Nandini and Sakthivel a chance to a brighter future, because these tops kids deserve it. 

Here are some photos of our day together below.

Ruben and Ellis x