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Our co-founders are running the half-marathon in Sierra Leone!

Renee Schreurs




[Picture above from a sweaty training session in Chennai]

This week Renee and I (together with 3 awesome TripAdvisor colleagues) have flown to Sierra Leone to participate in the Sierra Leone Marathon (we'll be running the half).


We're doing this to learn more about the incredible work that Street Child is doing in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nepal. ESPECIALLY NOW, after the Ebola Crisis that turned so many children into orphans.

Personally, it will also be a learning experience as to how Street Child managed to scale their educational programmes nation wide (in such difficult circumstances). We hope it will give us plenty of food for thought as to how we can do the same for My Name is Kumar. 

As we're looking ahead to doubling the number of children we're able to send to school through My name is Kumar by June 2016, and increasing this even further by December, I can only think of how incredibly lucky we are, getting the support from within India itself.

The video below, shows that this is not (always) the case in Sierra Leone. Especially when it comes to educating girls, there's a lot that needs to change in the local mindset as well as the existing educational programmes.


Please, wish us luck for the run! And we look forward to sharing our sweaty photos with you via Facebook!