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Karunya's new leg




Karunya's new leg

Renee Schreurs

Now we don’t boast often but we are proud of this one...

Karunya is 24 years old, and over the years we’ve got to know her well. She likes sewing her own dresses, playing Caromboard and playing with the children at the My name is Kumar hostel. She is always the first person to pick you up when you’re down, will make you laugh and a natural mother figure to the children in the hostel. She’s got her own ambition to have two children herself.

For Karunya life has been tough. She lost her parents when she was young; her father passed away after a bike crash in which she lost her leg. Since then she has lived with a clunky wooden leg which has made growing up, studying and getting a job really difficult.

Living with her wooden leg causes Karunya a lot of pain, she is always tired and uncomfortable. Recently she found work as an administrator but after 15 days had to give up because getting to and from the bus stop was impossible for her. Most of the time she has to rely on others giving her a lift.

But, we are so happy to say that this is all about to change for Karunya as very soon she will be flying to the Netherlands (Renée and Tim's home) to see Dutch doctors and get a replacement for her wooden leg.

Karunya is going to spend a month in the Netherlands having physio and treatment. She’ll be staying with Renée and Tim’s families and in between doctor's appointments will be using her ‘rest’ time to practice her English!

Karunya told us, “Mostly I am looking forward to getting my new leg and learning how to walk with it. After that, I am excited to learn about Dutch culture and meet new people. Although, I’m not sure how I am going to handle the cold!”.

With a new leg Karunya will have lots more independence. She says, “I can’t wait to go shopping with friends, I will dance and travel by myself instead of having to ask others for help. I can’t wait to play with all the children in the house, especially my little brother. Of course, the best bit is that I won’t have to walk in pain anymore!”.

We can’t wait to show Karunya the Netherlands, introduce her to the chilly weather and get her a new leg for her to dance on! When Karunya returns to India it should be so much easier for her to find work and win back her independence.

We’ll share picture of Karunya’s trip to Europe soon!