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Feels like home




Feels like home

Renee Schreurs

Exactly one year ago I was preparing my second trip to India. When I arrived at Chennai airport immediately it feels like home, this feeling only get stronger when I was back again at the project. Children where so happy, that they don’t give me the chance to get out of the car. Magical is the word for me when I think of India. The magic of India, the magical feelings and also magical children.

Just one year later again I am preparing my trip to India. Sometimes I am wondering, who ever thought it would become like this? For the third time back to India, back to the children. They really touched my heart inside, I love these children, like it is my own family.

When I talk about family, I always think of one of my last moments in India when I stayed there for 3,5 months. Student Priya was sitting next to me on the ground, she asked me how many brothers and sisters I have. I told her that I am an only child in my family. She looked at me, wonderingly, and told me that I was wrong. From now on I have 37 brothers and sisters in India. “We are a family” Priya said. And that is also how it feels.

The children made me care for this project in a different way this year.  All circumstances made that Tim, Renee and I set up a foundation, where we work with passion. Sometimes I get a little bit crazy of all the work. But this won’t take long, every time I remember for which children I all do this. These are not normal children, they are magical. Children who teach me, you and everyone else how to enjoy al the little moments in life.