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Big announcement

Renee Schreurs

Following months of work we are extremely pleased to be able to tell you all that at the start of this academic year we were able to send an additional 37 children from the Londor community to school.

This means we now support the education of 83 former child-beggars. 

This big rise in the number of children we support is down to a new collaboration between us, our partner CARE Foundation and with English-based charity, Salt of the Earth.

Salt of the Earth have been working with children and families from Tamil Nadu for over 25 years; helping the rural poor through child sponsorship schemes and community development programmes.

The children we have selected to come under this program are some of the most in-need and at-risk children from Londor. Kids who thanks to one thing or another have never been to school and were regularly begging with their parents at the local temples.

Our partnership with Salt of the Earth will provide:

  • A top quality education for each child                                                                  
  • Safe transport to and from school daily                                                            
  • After-school tuition and a dedicated social worker to help the children with homework and personal development                                                                    
  • A ‘CARE mother’ who will help the children prepare for school

As well as supporting the education of these children we are also able to implement a number of community development initiatives in the community that will address the issues of alcohol abuse, reliance on begging for income, health and sanitation. We’re glad that thanks to this partnership we are able to holistically tackle the issues of poverty and illiteracy within the Londor community.                

These are just some of the little ones who are part of this programme. Needless to say, they are all loving being at school.