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2014 Kumar's Year in Review

2014: Kumar's Year in Review

2014 was the first full year our organisation existed. We educated a group of 37 children of varying ages from the london community, moved house and started fundraising in the UK. Here are some highlights from that year. 

2014 -.jpg
  • In 2014 we began our projects providing education to 37 children from the Londor community in Tamil Nadu.
  • At the beginning of that year we began our fundraising activities in the UK, in addition to our existing fundraising activities in the Netherlands. We opened our second organisational bank account, this time in the UK.
  • In May, due to some changes in circumstance we moved the location of our projects from one village to another – about 30 minutes way from our original location.  All the children remained unaffected in any big way and continued to attend the same school in town. They travelled there each day by private jeep and completed their homework and ate meals in our new home.
  • In 2014, eight of the children were attending a private English language school, while the other 29 children went to a private government-aided school which taught in the Tamil language. All children went to school every day with great pleasure and, thanks to the good supervision of the teachers and the care providers, they achieved excellent results.
  • Together CARE Foundation and My Name is Kumar signed an official memorandum of understanding, which contains details on the terms of the agreement between the two organisations. We hope to have laid a solid foundation for the coming years under the further expansion of our activities in India and achieve independence for CARE Foundation by 2023, by which time we hope CARE will be able to manage all fundraising and project activities by themselves.